Safey Star Gallery
And here they are! The winners of the Seqwater Safey Star competition. Check out how they play it safe around Seqwater's dams, lakes and parks.
Current Winners
Last year's safey inspiration
Ultimate Winner
"Sporting a rashie, hat, sunscreen and life jacket for some fun in the water on Australia Day! "
Lisa H
Fortnightly Winners
"I ensure I always have a life jacket on when I hop onto the jet ski or get into a boat. I have twice the amount of fun because the lifejacket is my safety net! "
Bradley S
"Wearing our personal flotation devices correctly and hanging on (most of the time) to the sailing catamaran. "
"My Name is Jack and I am 4 years Old I am a SAFEY because I have my Lifevest, Sunglasses and hat on whilst swimming in the Dam and I have a SAFEY SMILE"
Jodine E
"Every year we get ALL our life jackets checked to ensure compliance and fit. We always wear our life jackets to play it safe near and on the water, especially in the boat."
Stevie C
Weekly Winners
"We love camping but we have rules to stay safe around water. We always swim and kayak with a group in our life jackets and sunscreen. We never dive into shallow or unknown water. "
Kathleen D
"Lifejackets, hats, sunscreen and smiles. Ready to sail at Somerset!"
Jack B
"West Centenary Scouts take to Wivenhoe Dam in their hand made rafts complete with PFDs, wet shoes, sun protection and helmets."
West Centenary Scout Group
"I'm Playing it Safe this Easter * EGGknowledging the rules. * Having the correct EGGquipment. * EGGSamining the conditions. * Being EGGStra careful around others. Keeping every BUNNY safe!"
Cameron B
"Slip, Slop, Slap, Smooch "
Jane W
"Me and my dad are both wearing helmets, gloves, and sunglasses for safety in case we fall. "
Owen G
"Before every adventure, weather it be on a river, lake or ocean we put all our safety gear on and talk about what to do if you get into trouble. "
Shane S
"Conditions assessed, life jackets and sunscreen on, ready for fun on Moogerah Dam."
Andrew H
"Having lots of fun on new wake board wearing my buoyancy suit, long sleeve rash shirt, sunscreen and zinc."
Kaylah M
"Staying in the shade whilst nature journaling in the Forest."
Rachael M
"Mum is helping my brother Hunter put on sunscreen before we all go for an afternoon swim in the water"
Tom P
"Spending the day on the water wakeboarding and skiing always safety comes first .. Wearing LIFEJACKETS at all times.."
Nicole T
"always wearing my life jacket, rashie, zinc and hat while at Lake somerset waiting for my turn on the jetski"
sarah c
"Even though it was a crazy hot day and they added to our heat and sweatiness...we didn't forget our helmets!"
Rebecca H
"Being prepared, checking the conditions and ensuring everyone is wearing necessary safety equipment means a great day out on the water for everyone!"
Helen C
"Making sure that I inform a family member of my location and that I'm always wearing an approved lifejacket when fishing and kayaking on the dam!"
Anthony P
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Previous Ultimate Winners
"Class 3D know it’s important to be sun safe when visiting Seqwater dams, lakes and parks! We’d love to win the BCF gift card to buy outdoor supplies for our classroom!"
Class 3D
"Tubing on Somerset Dam is only safe if the boat driver is carefully leaving large distances between us and other boats and going anti-clockwise."
Allison H
"CPL clients are staying safe with broad brim hat, long sleeves and staying in the shade while enjoying fishing in our local community."
Choice Passion Life Southport Support in the Community
"Sisters playing it safe and mastering the selfie at a young age! About to go swimming at Enoggera Reservoir with lots of colourful sun protection."
Judy A
Previous Weekly Winners
"I’m playing it safe by wearing a life jacket when boating by myself."
Daniel M
"When taking a #safey while tubing, we never go without wearing life jackets because boaters like floaters."
Jeremy A
"This is me setting an example for my children, always wearing the appropriate life jacket when kayaking at Wivenhoe Dam."
Steve D
"My son Matthew is playing it safe by wearing a life jacket, sunscreen and a hat while enjoying his passion for fishing."
Tanya M
"Tim and I having a blast teaching ourselves how to sail my new cat on Wivenhoe. Life vests and hats on to keep #SAFEY"
Paul H
"Life jackets, sunnies and sunscreenpast. When we play it safe, we can have even more fun."
Dorothy D
"The girls playing it safe together with life jackets, water shoes, hats and having a blast in the great Sth East!!"
Karl H
"My 75 year old grandma taking me for a ride out at Somerset Dam wearing our life jackets, Playing it safe! She’s a little thrill seeker ;)"
Jade D

Find out how to play it safe
Seqwater Safey
Always wear a lifejacket when on the water.
Seqwater Safey
Watch your children near the water - remember there are no lifeguards on duty.
Seqwater Safey
Plan ahead and ensure you have sunscreen and plenty of water.
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey
Carry a first aid kit and be aware of local wildlife, such as snakes.
Seqwater Safey
Assess the conditions before visiting our dams, lakes or parks.
Seqwater Safey
Make sure you play it safe in designated areas.
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey