Our 2017 Safey Star Winner
The people have spoken! Jakob received 2,826 votes in support of his commitment to safety.
Safey Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered their safey, showing us how to play it safe at dams, lakes and parks. Keep an eye out for Jakob, who will be the face of our Easter safety campaign!

Your safety at Seqwater's dams, lakes and parks is our top priority. Please remember to play it safe when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. For safety tips, fact sheets and up-to-date safety notices, please regularly visit www.seqwater.com.au

"Sporting a rashie, hat, sunscreen and life jacket for some fun in the water on Australia Day! "
Lisa H
"Mum takes me paddleboarding and we always have to wear our lifevests"
Wendy A
"9 year old Grace safely watching her brother tubing from the boat- first trip Moogerah Dam. "
Grace W
"My twin brother and I are going out fishing with Dad. We have life jackets, sunscreen, fishing shirt, hats and smiles. We also have oars and a mobile phone in case of emergency. WE LOVE FISHING!!!!!!!"
Joel S
Seqwater Safey
Always wear a lifejacket when on the water.
Seqwater Safey
Watch your children near the water - remember there are no lifeguards on duty.
Seqwater Safey
Plan ahead and ensure you have sunscreen and plenty of water.
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey
Carry a first aid kit and be aware of local wildlife, such as snakes.
Seqwater Safey
Assess the conditions before visiting our dams, lakes or parks.
Seqwater Safey
Make sure you play it safe in designated areas.
Seqwater Safey
Seqwater Safey